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In 1985, Rag Sky Art Studio began in Seattle, at Artwood Studios. For 28 years I had two classrooms in the former elementary school, that served as studios and studio-dwellings for artists for over 30 years. One room was devoted entirely to my work and the other one was half home, half studio. I knew I was struck by luck when this place came my way. It was a blessing and a pleasure to share this unusual habitat with all the other artists and their children who over the years called it home too. It had a rare sense of community that comes with its share of heart opening challenges and rewards. Be sure to click on the link below the studio picture, and scroll side to side, for a full panoramic view of the studio.

You can read a bit about Artwood Studios here, and explore more about the artists who were part of it on our Facebook page . In 2014, after 30 years as an arts community, the Seattle School District, owner of the building, again needed it for a school- so change happened!

Rag Sky Art Studio

I have moved to Olympia, WA and am in the process of rebuilding my studio. Rag Sky Art Studio is a working art studio and not a store with regular hours. If you live in the area or sometimes visit, be sure to sign up for the Mailing List. Being on my mailing list will give you updates on all things regarding Fabric jewels including an invitation when I have my first Open House at my new location. You are also more than welcome to call and make an appointment for a Studio Visit. As I said, I am still building my new studio, but I love having visitors. You can come alone, with a friend or bring a whole group!

Making It Work

Over the years the studio has evolved along with my jewelry process and business. A critical part of making art is giving yourself the space to do it in, not just physical space of course. Making the space workable is an art in itself. Keeping it working means finding sensible homes for every item that comes in the door so that open spaces can be cleared, again and again and you can spread out the projects of the day.

Sometimes I feel like I'm organizing, sorting and cleaning more than anything, but they're key to smooth functioning. Here in this fiber world there is always a smaller scrap of something emerging as I navigate through the creation of my art, and wouldn't you know, each scrap calls my name. A friend once told me that her mother has a box called "String Too Small To Save". What more can I possibly say?

Well ok, one last note. Lance Wagner, the photographer who shot the studio images for me, remarked that I was the only one he'd ever known to mount a clock on a cardboard box. Yep, this is the place.

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Rag Sky Art Studio