Apple Season

One of my favorite activities of Fall is picking apples. I know I'm not alone in that sentiment. It always brings back childhood memories of heading up to the orchard searching for the perfect apples and always indulging in (a couple) freshly baked apple cider donuts. 

Since I've made the move North, my childhood apple orchard is far away, but Maine is not without many new options to choose from.

While I was waiting to move into my new home in Portland, my mom and I went apple picking on our favorite isle. 

These apple trees have been on the island for years, they grow wild and happy and produce delicious fruit. Since we didn't know the varieties, they was a lot of tasting. The ruby red apples produced a tart apple, probably best for baking while the ones that looked a little more worn and yellow produced the sweetest flesh. Who knew? 

So we threw them all together and made some delicious apple butter. It really turned out like applesauce, but I still love it.